EXCLUSIVE Interview with “Speciesism:The Movie” Director Mark Devries


Hi friends!!! I am soooooo excited to finally give you my exclusive interview with Mark Devries, the Director of “Speciesism: The Movie”. If you have not heard of him nor seen this movie, I suggest you change that. It will definitely help to further educate you and open your eyes to what REALLY goes on. Not only the terrible impact the meat industry has on the animals but also to our Environment. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be kind to animals!!! Change the way you think about things. You CAN do more and be more.
Please enjoy. 
Hi Mark. Thanks again for this honour!! First of all, greetings from Melbourne, Australia. Have you ever been to OZ?
I have not yet been to OZ myself, unfortunately, but the film has been very successful there. In fact, the OZ premiere in Sydney attracted hundreds of people, and we received this incredible piece in The Sydney Morning Herald: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/we-are-all-nazis-when-it-comes-to-animal-rights-20140423-zqy0b.html
 Your movie is brilliant and the kind of movie that needs to be made and distributed more. What compelled you to do this movie?
I started working on the film when I began learning about factory farming, which led me to start personally investigating things such as the environmental devastation they cause (as you see in the film). It was only after I had been filming for a while that I came across the even deeper, and much bigger, issue of speciesism.
What was your biggest challenge in making the movie?
My biggest challenge while making the film was my limited time, money, and assistance. I worked at various places while in college (which is when I started making the film) to pay for the initial filming, and the first camera people were friends who assisted in their spare time.
 How did your audience react?
The reaction to the film has exceeded my most optimistic expectations. I hear all the time from people around the world who tell me they became vegan as a result of watching it, and I hear even more often from vegans who say that it persuaded friends and family members after nothing else had worked for many years.
How do you handle yourself when a person or group of people are not open to the idea of speciesism?
When speaking with people who are not open to thinking about the idea of speciesism from the outset, it is important to let them into your thought process instead of being argumentative. So, when they ask “Why are you vegan?” you might say, “Oh, I just came across this interesting stuff about something called factory farming, and the more I learned about [etc.]… What do you think?” This way, you are both looking at the issue together, rather than arguing with one another. There are some links to useful sources on this topic at http://SpeciesismTheMovie.com/next
How did the movie affect you?
The movie affected my dramatically. I never thought of animal rights as a serious issue until I understood the underlying philosophical arguments for changing our view of nonhuman animals, as shown in the film. I also became vegan while making the film.
How long have you been vegan and when and why did you make the change?
I have been vegan since about halfway through making the film. Speaking with the philosophers such as Peter Singer is what persuaded me to think seriously enough about the issue to make the change.
Favourite vegan meal?
My favorite vegan meal (and thus my favorite meal) would probably be pizza with Daiya cheese.
And lastly, what are your plans for the future? Professionally and personally?
Since Speciesism took off the way it did, I plan to continue making films and videos, as that seems like the most valuable use of my time and skills. If you readers would like more information about the movie, they can go to http://SpeciesismTheMovie.com
Thanks so much Mark for this interview, I can’t wait to get it out there and continue to keep educating and opening the eyes, minds and hearts of other people.
Thanks again for your interest in the film, and keep up the good work!
Best wishes, Mark
There you have it friends!! If you would like to watch or obtain a copy (I strongly recommend that you do) of “Speciesism:The Movie” please go to http://SpeciesismTheMovie.com and follow the links.
I hope you enjoyed this interview and until next time, eat well, smile and be kind to animals 🙂
Amanda x
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