Sexy Pizza

Happy Saturday friends from Melbourne, Australia 🙂

When changing to a vegan diet, one of my biggest concerns was pizza! HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU HAVE PIZZA WITHOUT CHEESE?? WITHOUT SALAMI?? My ignorant mind boggled!

The pizzas I enjoy now are more varied, delicious and healthy compared to the fatty, processed meat drowning in cheese ones I used to see as ‘normal’. One time I forgot to cancel the cheese on one of my pizza orders and was soooo hungry that I chose to eat it (judge away) and what a mistake! Not only did my stomach feel sore and yuck, but now armed with the knowledge I know of the dairy industry, I felt disgusting and disappointed in myself. Lesson learnt. Never again.

10401989_262451183949704_9023820012776506740_n  10492232_262451153949707_2605719663016056267_n

Some of the ingredients I use now to top my pizzas are as follows:

 – Quinoa (yes…it crisps up in the oven and is delicious)

 – Char-grilled veggies (capsicum, artichokes, olives, mushrooms, pickles, sun-dried  tomatoes…you name it)

 – Spinach leaves, kale, broccoli (yes)

 – Pineapple (sweetness mmmmmm)

 – Pine nuts (say no more)

 – Yeast flakes (B12 and adds a cheesy, nutty flavour)

 – Chickpeas, beans and other legumes

 – Vegan cheeses (if you really ‘need”that texture) My favourite to use is Notzarella (sold at the Cruelty Free Shop in Brunswick Street) or you can make your own, creamy, dreamy cashew cheese

10423870_262451137283042_7328283092534846971_n  10547562_262451163949706_4994160899250206448_n  10563156_262451217283034_4318958249081078127_n

When it comes to vegan pizza, please have an open mind and do not despair! You will survive if you hold the cheese. A char-grilled, fresh vegan pizza has become one of my favourite staples and still fills the comfort food void. Enjoy experimenting with your meat/cheese free pizzas. You will not be disappointed!

Until next time, eat well, smile and be kind to animals.

Amanda x

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4 Responses to Sexy Pizza

  1. That’s one sexy pizza, indeed! 😉

  2. maureenc says:

    For the past three months I have had my vegan daughter living with me and I’m slowly being educated to her delicious recipes. So good to read an Aussie blogging vegan! Are you on FB too?

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