When man flu hits…

So I have a sick partner at home! He has the dreaded man flu!!!! Dun, dun…DDUUNNN!!!!

To tackle this and also my now, cough and blocked nose…..what delicious dinner could I come up with?

I decided it must have lots of veggies, be hot and MUST have ginger in it!

So I came up with a delicious mushroom, spinach, cabbage and ginger soup! I must add here, I don’t follow recipes or do not write them up to the gram, ml etc……my free spirit nature just wants to taste, experiment and follow my instinct in the kitchen…..so if wanting to try any of my vegan dishes….use them as a guide and get creative to make them your own 🙂

Step 1 – I chopped up 2 leeks, crushed about garlic cloves (I like garlic) and also minced a knob of ginger! This was all sautéed with turmeric (I add this to anything I can for its health benefits) and also some hot pepper…

Step 2 – After this was all nice and soft and fragrant I then blended it all together


Step 3 – I added 4L of Massels chicken stock (no animal content) and added spinach, cabbage and mushrooms…..yum 🙂


Step 4 – I let this come to boil then simmer for about 45 minutes and kept adding turmeric, hot pepper……..anything that tickles your fancy

Step 5 – A hot (very), gingery, immunity boosting winter soup! Enjoy 🙂












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